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Quilt Block Drabbles: Wild Goose Chase

Title: Wild Goose Chase
Author: Pythia
Fandom: BTVS
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Summary: Three variations on the life of Rupert Giles.
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Seasons Two, Four and Seven
Word Count: 3x100
Notes: These are quilt block drabbles – short pieces inspired by the name of a traditional quilt block. Like every quilt block ever made, there are a great many possible variations in just one design …
Wild Goose Chase.
He spent the summer after Angelus looking for her. Rumors and sightings and whispers in the night set him running off to search in unlikely places, learning – the hard way – the mysteries of motel rooms and late night flights booked at very short notice. He visited hospitals and shelters and morgues while hope and fear warred in his heart like quarelsome lovers. He never found her. Never caught so much as a glimpse of her. But he never gave up. And when she finally came home all by herself, in that one brief moment he was the happiest man alive.
He spent the year after graduation looking for himself. He was lost without his vocation, a Watcher watching nothing but his Slayer learning she could live without him. He chased idle days, pointless hobbies and foolish fancies with equal fervour – and the days became endless, the hobbies hopeless and the fancies turned into tawdry, tainted pleasures. He lost his voice, he lost Olivia, and he nearly lost his family, watching it being torn apart by growing pains, hurt feelings and stupid misunderstandings. But then came the magic. The moments of connection. And a restless dream that brought them all home.
He spent most of that last year in Sunnydale travelling away from it. There were weeks of desperate searching, of last minute rescues and daring escapes … and days when he arrived too late. Long days, which ripped at his soul and rubbed his heart raw with grief and pain. Every one he saved was one more burden she didn’t want to bear. Every one he lost was a weight that dragged him deeper into despair. But he kept searching. He saved all he could. And in the end – when all seemed lost – she found a way to save them all.
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