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Fibercraft on television

So, since nobody else has raised a discussion topic, I've got one for us.

Have you seen any television characters doing any fibercrafts? Who? What were they doing? Were they competant?

And I'll start the ball rolling with my favorite show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In seven seasons, the only fibercraft scene I can think of is in the episode Fear, Itself where Joyce alters an old Halloween costume for Buffy to wear. She's let out an old Little Red Riding Hood costume Buffy last wore when she was twelve. It's indicated that Joyce sewed the costume in the first place. Joyce seems to have made it quite well, since it's lasted six years and there was enough seam allowence to let it out all around. Of course, the fact that Buffy is now significantly thinner than she was at, say, sixteen, leads me to believe the outfit didn't need very much letting out. And how precisely was Joyce using a sewing machine to move the hook and eye closure she seems to have been working on when the scene started?

Methinks nobody at Mutant Enemy has ever sewed on a button.

EDITED because I really do know how to spell 'Halloween.'
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Isn't it interested that they never showed Tara knitting? Because just herself, her presence, I can just see her sitting there watching. And knitting.
I feel very sure Tara would know how to do something along those lines, certainly. In fact, I've had her knitting in a fic...well, having knitted socks for Giles. And in The Hellmouth Chronicles I have a bit with her quilting. Tara is one of those characters where I could see her doing almost any fibercraft, but I feel very certain she did at least one.

Of course, I'd love her to be a lacemaker, just because it's something nobody seems to do in fictional worlds and I want us to have an icon, dammit!
I can happily point at Hercules in the Legendary Journeys, who made Iolaus an afghan in one episode - although, now I think about it, we didn't actually see him do it ... I can't remember if it was knit or crocheted, but we did get to see the final result!

And Xena mentioned being able to embroider as one of her 'many skills ...'

I sure hope it wasn't crochet, since it didn't exist then! LOL!

Then again, I can't imagine going to Hercules, the Legendary Journeys for accuracy in anything. Hee!

The things I missed not watching those shows. Cool to know that Xena embroidered, too.

Oh! And I've thought of another show where needlework showed up a surprising amount. M*A*S*H. There's at least one episode where we see BJ darning his socks, several where Klinger is either sewing or talking about altering his dresses, and one where Hot Lips sews a Korean wedding gown for a local woman. Poor Radar got stuck acting as her mannequin. Oh! And there was another episode where Hot Lips took up knitting. She started off making a scarf and wound up making a blanket, I think.
Strictly speaking, it should have been sprang - although I have no idea how old the technique for Tunisan crochet is. I was always told it was a pretty early form of textile making, since the long hook could also serve as the spindle on which to make the thread - but I don't know if there's any evidence of when it first appeared.

Momentary scholarly diversion there ...

And yes, MASH! War time and sock darning/making would seem the logical place to find a man with a needle in his hand. (Other than when he's working in surgery, of course!)

Castaways might find textile skills pretty useful, come to think of it. I wonder if anyone sewed on Gilligan's Island?
Castaways might find textile skills pretty useful, come to think of it. I wonder if anyone sewed on Gilligan's Island?

Who needed to sew on Gilligan's Island? Chances were that some famous fashion designer would drift ashore somewhere along the line, see Mary Ann stringing native grasses together, make a fabulous new wardrobe for everyone based on the technique, then sneak away in the night without the castaways who would later hear on cocoanut radio about the amazing new direction the designer has taken Haute Couture in inspired by goodness only knows whom or what.

Oh, and the clothes would never be seen again, of course.
LOL! Designer grass wear! With palm frond fringing, of course ... *g*
Also, many cunning uses of cocoanut shells!
In BtVS season 7 episode 'Lies My Parents Told Me', We see Spike's mother doing some kind of embroidery as she sang to him.
Ah! I'd forgotten that. Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to see if I can find a screencap and try to identify the technique.