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Special offer on Mariner's Compass software

For those of you with a quilting/patchwork persuasion, Quilt Pro Systems currently have a special offer on volume 2 of their Block Factory Mariner's Compass CDs - it's $10 off if you download it on-line (costing slighly more if you want the physical CD) and the offer lasts until June30th.

I have volume one (and have just purchased Vol 2)  The Block Factory's come packed with patterns -  most of them can be worked as templates or foundation piecing - and since Mariner's compass are notoriously tricky to draw up by hand, having software around to provide pre-printed (and sizeable!)  patterns is a definite plus!

Website is at:  

Note that the Block Factory software doesn't need any of the other quilting software loaded to run - although I believe you can load the blocks into Quilt-pro itself if you want to include them in a bigger quilt design.

And, of course, a Mariner's Compass quilt would be a perfect project (or present) for a Pirates fan!  *g*
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