mythichistorian (mythichistorian) wrote in fiberfic,

Quilt block drabbles: A challenge

Thought I'd give this idea a spin here - since it seemed an appropriate place to share it!

There are some wonderfully evocative names for traditional quilt blocks: Courthouse Steps, Jacob's Ladder, Drunkard's Path, Devil's Claw, Irish Puzzle, Friendship Star ...  and it occured to me that they'd make great prompts for shorts fics and drabbles.

So here's the challenge - pick a quilt block and write at least two short pieces (drabbles up to 500 words each) that are inspired by the name of the block, and are variations of the same idea/style/approach.  Not quite sure what I mean?  See my next post for my own example ...

If you're not familiar with traditional blocks (and all their variations) here are a few more that might inspire you:

Double Pyramid              Card Trick                Rolling Stone       Best of all
Road to California           Storm at Sea           Fair and Square
Chinese Fan                    Log Cabin                Dresden Plate
Attic Window                     Light and Dark        The House that Jack Built
Heroes and Rockets      Spider's Den            Midsummer Night
Wheel of Time                 Next Door Neighbour        Home for Christmas

There are many, many more - but that's twenty five possible inspirations to start off with ...

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