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Fibercraft on television

So, since nobody else has raised a discussion topic, I've got one for us.

Have you seen any television characters doing any fibercrafts? Who? What were they doing? Were they competant?

And I'll start the ball rolling with my favorite show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In seven seasons, the only fibercraft scene I can think of is in the episode Fear, Itself where Joyce alters an old Halloween costume for Buffy to wear. She's let out an old Little Red Riding Hood costume Buffy last wore when she was twelve. It's indicated that Joyce sewed the costume in the first place. Joyce seems to have made it quite well, since it's lasted six years and there was enough seam allowence to let it out all around. Of course, the fact that Buffy is now significantly thinner than she was at, say, sixteen, leads me to believe the outfit didn't need very much letting out. And how precisely was Joyce using a sewing machine to move the hook and eye closure she seems to have been working on when the scene started?

Methinks nobody at Mutant Enemy has ever sewed on a button.

EDITED because I really do know how to spell 'Halloween.'
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