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fiberfic's Journal

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Welcome to Fiberfic, a multi-fandom, multi-fiberart LJ community for people who love fanfic and fiberarts.

In this community, we’ll talk about the fibercrafts we love, the shows and characters we follow, and the fics we read and write.

The rules are simple:

Introduce yourself. You don’t have to make a huge deal out of it, but do say howdy so we know who’s around.

No bashing. This means of shows, characters, ships, fellow members, or crafts. You can like whatever you like, and dislike whatever you dislike, but you will respect the choices of others. Remember what mom taught you? If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.

Share your sources. If you find a good source of raw wool, lacemaking bobbins, spiffy bags to carry your knitting, or excellent fanfic, please tell us where you found it.

Due to my personal preferences and comfort level, there are a couple things I don’t want to see in fic posted here: sex scenes involving characters under the age of eighteen, incest, romantic/sexual fics involving actual people as opposed to the characters they play. You’re welcome to write these fics and post them somewhere else, but not here. Sorry. Also, please use appropriate warnings for subjects such as: BDSM, character death, extreme violence, drug use, non-con, etc. When in doubt, warn. And do identify ships in your subject line/header.

All ratings are welcome. The system being used is the fan rating system:

FRC: clean enough you could give it to your grandmother or a young child
FRT: roughly the rating you’d give a network television drama aimed at an adult audience, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Stargate:SG-1
FRM: for mature audiences. Think R-rated films.
FRAO: For adults ONLY. This is where the porn and Quentin Tarrantino level violence live.

Off topic discussion is fine in small amounts, but try to keep it to a minimum. We already have two huge, sprawling categories to choose from.

Feel free to combine the two huge, sprawling subjects. Fics about characters doing fiberarts, fiberarts based on characters or themes from fandom, discussion of the way fiberarts are represented or portrayed in a particular fandom…any or all of these are welcome topics for discussion.

Feel free to discuss either huge, sprawling subject by itself. Tips for writing or for crafting, questions about canon, help with a craft project…any and all of these are welcome, as are other topics related to writing, fandom, or fiber.